Jeff Whispering: Volume 2

What’s up Bruntouchables and Jeffersons? It’s been a long time since I rapped at ya. (Shouts to Jim Anchower, if you know you know.) The days are getting shorter. There is a chill in the air. Your robe is beckoning. It’s time to be Whispered to. As the Official Brunch Recommendation Whisperer, it is my duty to bring you the things I am very much into at this given moment, with the belief that you will become very much into those things as well.


Fantasy Football

What if I told you that you could be the GM of your own football team? With Fantasy Football, you can be. Here’s how it goes: You join a league (yes, you can invite your friends to create your own league!) then you “draft” a team. Whatever “your” player does in a real game gets reflected on your team. It’s a great way to get interested in the games that don’t involve the team you root for. I hate the Jets but my team, The Young Sheldons, has Sam Darnold. Lately I’ve been rooting for him and it feels weird. Weird, but cool! Seriously, try it! I use Yahoo!

(Ed. note: To access the Yahoo! website, please type into the web browser of your choosing.)

Digital Video Recorders aka DVR

I’m a pretty busy guy but I LOVE television. What happens when Young Sheldon interferes with barbershop quartet practice? In the past, I’d have to either skip practice, which would leave The Whiff Topz without their alto, OR miss a week’s episode of “Young Sheldon” and have to catch up the following week. Now, with DVR, I’m all set! Here’s how it works: I choose a show I want to record, then I can go back and watch it whenever I want. Seriously. You can even Fast Forward through commercials! (Though I never do. Dilly Dilly!)


“Young Sheldon”

I mean this little kid is a genius and everyone around him is dumb and he has a Southern accent?! What’s not to love?

The Concept Of Time

Often, things that are Now becomes things that were Then and, frankly, I can’t get enough of it! The Past, the Present, the Future, Daylight Saving Time. Are you kidding me?! The concept of time is so fucking tight. I know this last on my list, but I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve Whispered to you thus far. Honestly check it out.

Until next……….. time!

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