‘Gorgeous’ survival guide: Taylor Swift’s producers are melting into the same person (and it’s the wrong person)


Taylor Swift has a new song and Aaliyah doesn’t need to worry about ceding the throne for pop songs with talking babies in them. “Gorgeous,” the third song released off next month’s “Reputation,” is OK. It’s a song with a good verse, a very good pre-chorus and a wildly forgettable chorus. It probably ranks third […]

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Pop Culture Tasting Menu: October 2017

Movies TV

TV shows are on phones now and summer movies start coming out in March.  While there is no real seasonality to pop culture anymore (it’s the second 12-month-a-year sport, after the NBA), the fall does get its unfair share of pop culture.  Here’s a look at the first half of what to check out in […]

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Jeff’s guide to ‘The Room’


Oh hi, Bruntouchables. Last week Our Guy Padraic wrote a fantastic Gut Check of the trailer to The Disaster Artist, James and Dave Franco’s passion project about the making of the best worst movie of all time. It occurred to me that many a Bruntouchable, including the Bad Boys themselves, have not seen The Room, […]

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BRUNCH reviews: ‘NHL 18’

Video Games

Some have called us the Bad Boys of Video Games, so I am here to review ‘NHL 18’ while DJ is here to review mid-2000s Madden releases. Since I’m too busy/lazy to go long on this one, let’s pivot to video.

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