BRUNCH 2018 Oscars Best Picture reviews

The Oscars are this weekend. Have you seen every Best Picture nominee? We have, and we reviewed/graded them all with  mini-podcasts. You can find them all below.

Call Me By Your Name

DJ: 7.5/10

Pete: 7.8/10

Darkest Hour

DJ: 5.5/10

Pete: 4.85/10


DJ: 7.4/10

Pete: 7.75/10

Get Out

DJ: 10/10

Pete: 9.3/10

Lady Bird

DJ: 6.8/10

Pete: 7.25/10

Phantom Thread

DJ: 8.3/10

Pete: 5.9/10

The Post

DJ: 1.4/10

Pete: 4.6/10

The Shape of Water

DJ: 6.7/10

Pete: 5.25/10

Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

DJ: 6.7/10

Pete: 3.0/10

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