Day: March 2, 2018

BRUNCH 2018 Oscars Best Picture reviews

The Oscars are this weekend. Have you seen every Best Picture nominee? We have, and we reviewed/graded them all with  mini-podcasts. You can find them all below. Call Me By Your Name DJ: 7.5/10 Pete: 7.8/10 Darkest Hour DJ: 5.5/10 Pete: 4.85/10 Dunkirk DJ: 7.4/10 Pete: 7.75/10 Get Out DJ: 10/10 Pete: 9.3/10 Lady Bird […]

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BRUNCH’s 2018 Oscars preview/predictions

Oscar SZN, folks. It’s time to dive into each of the major categories and make our picks and predictions. Not only did we make selections for nominees we think will win, we also highlighted who/what we think should win and why. In addition, we picked our favorite non-nominee (snubs) in five categories. Our best friend […]

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